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Seeta Patel, dancer/ choreographer/ filmmaker (London) was one of the dancers selected for Dance UK’s 2014 Dancers’ Mentoring Programme Photo Credit: Simon Richardson

Dance UK Dancers Mentoring Programme 2015-2016

Start date: 30 Apr 2015

Venue address: Dance UK, Rosebery Avenue, London, United Kingdom

Company: Dance UK

Phone: 020 7713 0730



Dance UK, with the support of Arts Council England and in partnership with Dancers’ Career Development, will be accepting applications for its Dancers’ Mentoring Programme 2015-2016.

This is an opportunity for 20 mid-career dancers in England and Wales, who have been identified and nominated by their peers as future leaders, to be matched with a paid mentor to identify skills and areas of interest and develop their leadership potential.

Applications for the programme will open in April 2015.

20 Dancers were selected for Dance UK’s 2014 Dancers’ Mentoring Programme which included following two South Asian dance artists.

Seeta Patel, dancer/ choreographer/ filmmaker (London)

Nina Rajarani MBE, Artistic Director, Srishti (Uxbridge)

How dancers apply

Dancers need to be nominated on their perceived potential to be leaders, as either an artistic or management leader. Those drawn from companies will be nominated by the executive team of the organisation in consultation with other staff as appropriate. Those drawn from the independent sector may be nominated by companies, choreographers, dance agencies or anyone working in the profession.

NB. companies may each only nominate one dancer for the scheme

All nominated candidates should be asked for their permission to be nominated. Once this has been given, the nominator should email the name and contact details of the dancer to along with a short statement about why they are nominating them as a future leader. Dance UK will then email the mentoring scheme application form to the dancer to complete and send back along with their CV before the deadline.

Selection is made by a group of experienced artists, choreographers and dance managers, chaired by Dance UK. The 2014-2015 mentoring programme will run between September 2014 and April 2015. Applications for the 2015-2016 scheme will open in April 2015.

NB. Dancers should have at least eight years professional experience and they or the company they work for must be a member of Dance UK. Anyone who wants to apply and is not currently a member of Dance UK can join and will be eligible immediately.

For further information, please contact Alice Firth on 020 7713 0730 or email