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  • Photo: Courtesy Sampad
  • Photo: Courtesy Sampad

Subhash Viman: Fly From and Shan

Start date: 6 Jul 2015

End date: 6 Jul 2015

Time: 6.00pm

Price: £6

Venue: Foyle Studio, mac, Birmingham

Venue address: mac, Birmingham, United Kingdom


Box office: 0121 446 3232

Subhash Viman is a promising new talent in the realm of dance who is heavily influenced by hip-hop, urban and contemporary dance styles. He has trained in classical Indian dance under acclaimed teachers in the UK and India learning Bharathanatyam from Chitraleka Bolar and Chaaya Kanavate, and Kathak from Nilima Devi MBE and Asha Joglaker.

Subhash is currently developing his first evening of new solo work that includes Fly From with world-renowned choreographer Saju Hari, looking at the many different ways in which people protest and Shan, which explores his personal experience of being bullied and uses movement vocabulary from martial arts.

Fly From

Fly From is an abstract response to the ongoing uprising and violent oppressions witnessed across the globe. From the ‘standing man of Taksim Square’ in Istanbul to the self immolation of the Buddhist Monks in Tibet, this new choreographic work will look at soft and extreme forms of self-activism like hunger strikes, silent fasts and self-immolation. Protests are breaking out spontaneously globally. Everyone is taking sides. Amongst this chaos, there are individual methods of protest that are creative yet dangerous. Helpless individuals in suffocated societies are left with no way and means to express their frustration. Individuals who cannot gather a group or who aren’t part of one are finding ways of expressing themselves with their bodies.


Taking inspiration from an ancient Chinese poem, Subhash explores how social and economic conditioning affects our attitudes towards equality. Subhash is being mentored by Jean Abreu as he creates live dance influenced by martial arts techniques with digital technologies.