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Image courtesy - Sonia Sabri Company

Sonia Sabri Company: Salaam, Enfield

Start date: 13 Feb 2016

End date: 13 Feb 2016

Time: 7:45 pm

Price: £14 (full), £12 (conc)

Venue: Dugdale Centre Thomas Hardy House London Road Enfield Middlesex EN2 6DS

Venue address: Dugdale Centre, London Road, Enfield, United Kingdom


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Salaam meaning ‘peace’ is Sonia Sabri Company’s latest stunning creation. This double-bill programme cleverly weaves a dialogue between live music and Kathak dance, celebrating harmony, inner –stillness and the simple bliss of being aliveSalaam combines a rare treat of Tabla music by the world-renowned maestro.  Sarver Sabri performs outstanding compositions of rhythm, with complexity and speed, through his unique finger work.

Sonia presents sheer magic through expressive and rhythmic dance with live music. The audience are taken on a journey with Sonia’s poignant metaphorical narratives and though her command of intricate footwork, eloquent gesture and rapid spins. Salaam was originally created in response to the unrest around the world and aims to refocus and reminisce on all that is good.