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Photo: Courtesy Milapfest

Indika – Mad & Divine Featuring Rama Vaidyanathan

Start date: 25 Jul 2015

End date: 25 Jul 2015

Time: 7.30pm

Price: £8

Venue: The Capstone Theatre, Liverpool

Venue address: The Capstone Theatre, Shaw Street, Liverpool, United Kingdom


Box office: 0151 291 3949

An insight into the life and teachings of the 13th Century Saint Janabai and the 14th Century Saint Lalleswari or Lalded as she was fondly called. Both were female mystic poets who went through tremendous hardships before they were finally recognized for their spiritual awakenings. They crossed all barriers of social norms to fearlessly express their love for the supreme. Many real life incidents have had a profound effect on their lives. Janabai was a Vaishnavait (worshipping Lord Vishu) while Lalded was a Shaivaite (worshipping Lord Shiva). Janabai believed in the physical form of God while Lalded believed in the formless presence. Janabai took the path of devotion while Lalded took the path of tantra. They both appear to be different, but there is no denying that they were both Mad and Divine.