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Dance Umbrella are seeking dancers

Deadline: 21 Sep 2015

Role: Dancers

Company: Dance Umbrella

Dance Umbrella are looking for 12 male chorus performers aged 18+ (movement based) and welcome applications from the South Asian community, there is a fee payable for this.

Marcos Morau, founder and choreographer for La Veronal, is undoubtedly one of the most intelligent dancer makers to have emerged from Europe in recent years. His style is sophisticated, delightfully illogical and a joy to watch. This is choreography which will stretch your brain. Morau’s latest work, Voronia, is an exploration of evil, religion and the deepest cave in the world – ‘Krubera Voronia’ in the Caucasus region of Georgia. The piece is filled with startling visual images which are almost immediately destroyed and replaced, constantly producing the unexpected.

After studying choreography in Barcelona, Valencia and New York, Morau founded the collective La Veronal in 2005. He works with a group of artists from the world of dance, film, photography and literature and all those influences are visible in this great company who will be making their firstappearance at Sadler’s Wells.