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Beeja Dance

Price: £12/hr, £20 for the 2 hr

Venue: Stanley Halls, 12 South Norwood Hill, London SE25 6AB

Venue address: Stanley Halls, 12 South Norwood Hill, London SE25 6AB, United Kingdom


Lead teacher: Anusha Subramanyam


Phone: 07739319566

Beeja offers Bharatanatyam classes for Beginners and Advanced level students at Stanley Halls in South East London. Classes are led by Beeja’s Artistic Director Anusha Subramanyam.

Anusha  has developed a distinctive method of teaching bharatanatyam which is both enjoyable and efficient. The classes aim to develop dancers’ awareness of their own bodies in space and in relationship to other dancers and students are encouraged to use breath and imagery to explore various textures and patterns using classical dance vocabulary. Pilates and yoga are incorporated into the classes to develop core strength, good alignment and safe dance practice.

Classes are divided between technique and repertoire.

The technique class, taught in the first hour, is suitable for those with some experience in bharatanatyam. Starting with a yoga and pilates based warm-up, students develop a strong foundation that prepares them for the more demanding movement sequences they will move on to the adages. It’ll also include basic repertoire.

Advance repertoire class, taught in the second hour, is for intermediate and advanced dancers. It focuses on technical detail and learning more complicated and physically challenging dance items of the bharatanatyam repertoire.

The current timetable is for 2 terms of 12 classes each. If needed, information on a change of date for a class, in unusual circumstances, will be posted on Beeja’s Facebook page.