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  • Photo Credit: Simon Richardson
  • Photo Credit: Simon Richardson

Sonia Sabri Company

Sonia Sabri Company (SSCo) is one of the leading contemporary South Asian dance companies in the UK. The company has an international reputation for presenting Kathak dance in a contemporary context, without diluting it’s integrity.

Sonia Sabri Company explores and brings to the fore aspects of classical Kathak, which are less well known, exploring the Sufi and Persian influences within the dance and performing with original and rare compositions of Indian classical music.

SSCo believes Kathak is a living artform, which continues to evolve like a language used to express or emotion to engage. We seek fresh ways to develop and inform our work by responding to contemporary experience and diverse inspirations, whilst retaining the essential purity and integrity of kathak, Ideas are introduced through dialogue rather than a fusion of disciplines, challenging dance vocabulary and physical and emotional expression.

Continuing with the quest of reinvention, Sonia Sabri has developed a distinct style ‘Urban Kathak’. Taking inspiration and influence from people and urban settings, this growing vocabulary creates edgy, familiar, and unpredictable works particularly accessible for young and new audiences